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Maine Snowshoe Hare Hunts

Guided Rabbit Hunting with Hounds

Snowshoe Hare hunting is one of the most enjoyable hunts you can go on. It is so much fun hunting with our beagles and you are welcome to bring your beagles as well. The rabbit hunting season in Maine is open for six months, because of the long season many of our guests come here Snowshoe Hare hunting a couple of times a year.

We live and guide in the Mattawamkeag Wilderness, which is 2 1/2 million acres of woods. There are logging roads and snowmobile trails that provide access throughout this wilderness, where Snowshoe Hare abound.

We travel to the rabbit covers by truck during the fall months and by snowmobile over the winter months. We have dog boxes in the back of our trucks and tag sleds with dog boxes built in to pull behind the snowmobiles. They are always filled with fresh bedding, to keep the dogs warm and comfortable. We also have tag sleds with carrying boxes built in, to carry snow shoes, shotguns, and all the gear.

Once we arrive at the rabbit hunting covers, we make sure that our hunters are all equipped and ready. We position our hunters where we feel they will have the best opportunities to shoot rabbits. For the hunters who want to walk, or do some snowshoeing, we send them into the covers where we feel that they are going to have the best opportunities as well. We then put the tracking collars on the beagles, turn the beagles loose, and the fun really begins. Watching the dogs work and listening to them as the chase is on, is all part of the fun but, you must always be ready because before you know it, you will have a rabbit or two running right by you.

We hunt until noon and then we have a good old fashioned Northern Maine cookout. Sitting around a camp fire and enjoying a delicious Northern Maine cookout is truly a memorable experience and there is always plenty of food to eat with hot coffee, tea, cocoa, and soda to drink. After we are finished eating we turn the dogs out again and get back into the covers for the afternoon hunt. Like I said, it is an absolute blast. Everyone gets into the shooting (hitting and missing), and it makes for a lot of laughs.

If you like to hunt and haven’t tried Snowshoe Hare hunting in Northern Maine, you don’t know what you are missing. Come and enjoy one of the most fun and inexpensive hunts in the country.Kids are always welcome and don’t forget to ask about our father & son specials.

Relax in our Traditional Hunting Lodge

During hunting season our lodge functions as a Traditional Hunting Lodge. Guests sleep in one of 7 bedrooms. Our lodge includes shared private bathrooms, satellite TV, WiFi and all the comforts of home.

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Upper Hot Brook Lake, Danforth, Maine

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